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Does any one have any new info on Boniva and the horrors its causing with teeth. I was put on it earlier this year due to osteoporosis which they are attributing it to long term thyroid meds and high dose steroids. Interesting enough I'm also a stroke survivor I only have osteoporosis in my stroke affected hip and femur. Every where else is fine.
I talked to my dentist today and hes concerned not because I am having problems now, but more if I need more than the standard routine dental work (fillings etc.) He actually said I'm ok to stay on it for now and we will monitor things. He did say stay away from the IV options those are way worse. Only about 4% is affected he said. My concern is more that I'm always the odd ball out. Nothing that is standard ever happens to be. I'm always way out in left field. They have started treating me for most medical issues on a try to low success treatments example. I had to have a surgery last year well they discovered staf infection during the surgery. My incision site they closed the muscle layers but nothing past that. They put in sutures but left them loose to be closed later and started treating me with wet pack dressings. They pulled the sutures closed about 4 days later. Still have the nasty scar.

Back to the point. I've done some research but I want some opinions on the matter now that they've had time to confirm the dental issues.


October 2008

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